In the summer prior to the school opening in September 2015, we designed a school logo to reflect our colours and our connection to the land and the Boyne River. This logo was used in the early communication with families, outside agencies and our providers. 

Once in the school and with students, we knew we needed a school mascot. Every class, every student and every staff member was involved in brainstorming, researching and ultimately voting on our mascot, the Bears.

Our youngest Boyne students will be with us for 10 years! Ten years is a long time, and longer than any student will spend in other places of learning. Lots of growing up, learning and developing to occur in 10 years, so we decided we needed to celebrate the life cycle of the Bear. We have decided to use both the Bear Cubs and the Bears. We are proud that we are a school with two mascots logos and love to see our students in their spirit wear. 

Go Bears Go! Go Bear Cubs Go.