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Admin. Blog Friday Dec 14, 2018

posted Dec 15, 2018, 3:07 PM by Peter Marshall

Exciting News for Boyne PS.

On the first day of school in September we had 770  students at Boyne PS.  We are going into the December holiday break with 910 students.  Everyone wants to come to Boyne!

We have been given some relief by the Halton District School Board and are able to hire additional teachers to decrease our numbers in some of the areas where pupil/teacher ratios are high.  We are adding two additional homeroom classes and we will start our new class organizations on the first day back in January.  Viola Desmond PS will be in their new school and this will provide us with the room we need to add two more homeroom classes and decrease class sizes. 

Students in GRADE 1, GRADE 2, GRADE 4, GRADE 5 and GRADE 6, may be impacted.  Students that will be moving classrooms and/or teachers will receive a letter early next week to share the details.  Some classes will be moving locations. 

We are excited to be able to interview and hire more teachers for our school and expect to receive numerous resumes and interest from teachers throughout our district.  We will continue to bring talented people to add to our terrific staff.  We will get the best of the best!

Teachers will be in place prior to the break and will meet students and begin to form their new community. We are doing this prior to the end of next week so every child leaves for the break knowing where they will be and who will be their teachers going forward. This is wonderful news for us and we are looking forward to creating more learning groups with decreased numbers.


Last Day of School – 2018

On Friday, December 21st our school will dismiss 90 minutes early and the following changes in our timetable will be:

School will begin at: 8:55 am (our regular start time)

 Nutrition break #1 will be at: 10:05 – 10:45 am

 Nutrition break #2 will be at: 11:55 am – 12:35 pm

 Dismissal time will be at: 1:45 pm

Supervision Ends and all students should be picked up by 2 pm.

 Halton Student Transportation Service (HSTS) has a bus stop calculator on their webpage for parents/guardians to use to calculate their child's bus stop times.


First Day of School- 2019

The first day of classes for Boyne Public School in 2019 is January 7th.  Learning begins at 8:55 am.