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Admin. Post Fri Nov 16

posted Nov 16, 2018, 10:09 AM by Peter Marshall

Boyne Community Connections

3rd Thursday of every month in the Boyne School Library                   

 Dear Parents/Guardians:

 As our school is very busy with many things happening, we had to change our meeting to the following week this month. We apologize for any inconvenience.

 -HIPPY                                                       Date: Thursday Nov. 22nd     

-Student Led Conferences                            Time: 9 AM - 10:30 AM

-Winter is coming...                                     Location: Boyne School Library

-Volunteering at the school                                  

Our Settlement Specialist will be here to explain her role and how she can help you settle here in Milton.  

We also invite you to join our Boyne Parent Group on google+ where we post events, information and resources for parents.

 Our parking lot is an active place, filled with students crossing and vehicles picking up other students. Our goal is to provide a safe environment for your family. For ease, we recommend that families park their vehicle north of the school, across Louis St. Laurent, and walk over to the school.


I wanted to reintroduce a amazing resource/website that our students at Boyne have worked tirelessly to create over the past 2 years. Boyne Tech Help is a collaborative effort between students, teachers and parents to share their knowledge around technology at Boyne Public School. Students and teachers works side by side to produce videos in different languages to help all technology users increase their understanding.

 As of right now, there are over 100 videos spanning across Urdu, Arabic and English that students, parents, and teachers can watch to help them with their technology understanding. The website caters to all learners across all grades! 

 Take a look and see for yourself! Share it out to other parents in your community via the link! 

The best part of it all, it is student created!

 Boyne Tech Help Website:

Boyne Tech Help Youtube Channel:

 We hope you find it useful!

 Please help us be better and answer some questions about Boyne Tech Help

 On Monday you will receive the Progress Reports and Student Led Conferences will occur for most of our students next week.  Friday, November 23rd is a Professional Activity Day and it is not a school day for students.