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posted Oct 29, 2018, 1:49 PM by Peter Marshall

At Boyne PS we want to advance a culture of respect for all students, staff, families and our community. Schools have come to realize that Halloween activities can be viewed from different perspectives and experiences. Although Halloween based activities and events will occur within our school on October 31st, the celebration of Halloween is ​not​ a curricular requirement. Schools have an obligation to ensure that all activities are planned so that students and/or staff who do not participate are not excluded from a significant experience. This is why we are organizing activities that allow for participation without a direct celebration of Halloween as an option for some of our students. Some of our newcomer students and families in our school community will not have cultural knowledge of 'trick or treating’ practices

Students are welcome to come to school with costumes. A parade for our youngest students (K to grade 3) will occur first thing in the morning.  This will be followed by music and activities in our gym, organized by grade levels throughout the day.  After your child’s time in the gymnasium, they will be encouraged to remove their costume in order to protect it and to return to classrooms for the remainder of the day.  Clothes need to be brought to school for your child to change into, as we will have a regular instructional day of school after their celebration time in the gym. 

More information about each of these items below.


ü  Should reflect acceptable and respectable choices including props (e.g. no replica weapons, masks, etc.)

ü  Costumes should be in respectful and not show  cultural appropriation (ie. use of Indigenous headdress) Costumes that mimic the traditional attire of an ethnic, religious, racial or gender group/identity are inappropriate and unacceptable for Halloween at our school. Pretending to be a member of a group for ‘fun’ is evidence of cultural appropriation and sends the message that cultural attire is a ‘costume’ to be donned for entertainment purposes.

ü  Orange and Black clothes can be worn in order to protect costumes for later use, or if a costume does not wish to be worn

ü   Be aware that some students have had first-hand traumatic experiences of violence that make costumes related to death, ghosts, etc. anxiety inducing and/or traumatic

ü   If students choose to dress up in a costume for Halloween please ensure that they are contributing to the positive and prosocial climate that our school is cultivating

ü  Costumes that are intended to, or have the impact of, inciting fear and anxiety for others are not acceptable costumes and special sensitivity needs to be exercised around current socially trending incidents  such as people dressing up as characters from popular media and approaching youth to frighten them at random. In the past, this has included scary clowns.

ü  Please refrain from bringing replica weapons or wearing masks to school.

Thank you for your support of all our students.



ü  You are welcome to come to the school to view the parade on the first floor of our school. 

ü  Parents are asked to use the front door and remain in the front hallway.  The parade will move past you for you to see.

ü  Parents are able to take photographs OF THEIR OWN CHILDREN as they parade past you.


ü  As with all large school events we ask that you do not use our school parking lot.

ü  If you use the Kiss and Ride area in the morning we ask that you let your child out and travel off school grounds to find a parking space.

ü  We are asking for your cooperation as we cannot ‘police’ the parking lot in the morning due to staff responsibilities in all other areas of our school.

ü  Please do not confront other parents if they do not follow our suggestions for parking, please know we are asking all parents to remain out of the parking lot

ü  Please help us, we are asking kindly for you to park away from the school and walk 5-10 minutes in order to keep our parking area safe for our students.


ü  There will be a celebration for each grade in the gymnasium with music and activities

ü  Students not wishing to partake will have the library opened and supervised for their use

ü  Once the gym time is complete students will be changing out of any costumes and continuing with a regular instructional day of school

Treats from the Equity Club

ü  Our Student Equity Club will be selling treats for student purchase during their gymnasium time

The Days Following Halloween

ü  If students have collected treats during Halloween celebrations or by trick or treating we are asking that you are thoughtful in packing lunches and snacks following the 31st

ü  Students should not have lunch bags filled with treats, this is not only counter to our healthy eating initiatives, it also is difficult for some of our students to see a classmate with numerous snacks/treats/candy when their family has packed food of a different nature

ü  AND MOST IMPORTANT, food allergies are prevalent in our school, so only school safe products should come to school on any day, but it is especially important to be vigilant during Halloween time

ü  Please save treats for home.