Full Day Kindergarten

Welcome to Boyne Public School! We are so excited for your child to join us.

Our school day starts at 8:55 am. Supervision in the Kindergarten play area is from 8:40am - 8:55am.

If you choose to drive your child to school, you must park on a side street and walk them to the kindergarten gate. They will be greeted by a supervising teacher in an orange and yellow vest, and then join their class for entry.

It is important that students arrive on time to enter the school with their classmates—this reinforces routine and provides the best possible start to the day for your child, as well as the class as a whole. Students who take the bus will be met by a teacher on duty in the morning and led to the appropriate bus line at the end of the day.

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What your child needs to bring to school

  1. Easy to Fasten Running shoes (e.g. velcro). Please label them for easy identification. These shoes will stay at school. No laces unless the child can tie laces independently.

  2. Spare clothes: labeled pants, underwear, socks, shirt (please place in a large labeled Ziploc bag).

  3. Lunch Bag: well labeled containers that are easy to open. Have your child practice opening and closing them.

  4. A re-useable water bottle labeld with their name.

Please dress students appropriately for the weather as our program involves considerable amounts of time learning outdoors.